Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Enjoying mommyhood

So is that a word?? Mommyhood. I have just been reflecting on it today and I am so enjoying my children. Karyss is at that stage between little girl and adolescent and I am completely not ready to see her grow up. Last night I decided we needed some little girl time so we sat down and colored together for over an hour. It was quite a nice time. Even Riley wanted to get in on the action so up in his chair he went too with pictures and chubby crayons.. so cute to see. I am just so grateful to God for what He has blessed me with. My son is growing so fast and now that he may finally have some relief from his eczema and allergies then he can enjoy life a little more.

I have been reading some of my friend's blogs this morning and I am so enjoying that! Reading the stories of your kids makes me smile.


Thought I would post a couple of pictures of my cuties here. Enjoy!

My boy .. I love those curls and his shirt says it all for me :-D
See how she is growing up already?? My sweet girl.

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Schoonover Family said...

Man Riley is getting big! How old is he now? Karyss is a cute little girl too.