Sunday, April 13, 2008


So how is everyone's ( all 2 of you who may be reading this) Sunday going?? We are having a fairly decent day but it is COLD here today and it might snow tomorrow.. IN GEORGIA!! Can you believe that???
Otherwise it is busy. We are still trying to get ladies to commit and buy their tickets for the banquet but so far.. only 5 sold.. UGH!
I am trying to do an art project for the tables but anyone who knows me knows that I am NO GOOD at art and these projects are meant for children and I am having trouble. I need a GLUE GUN!! HELP! And guess what I just noticed????? There is a spelling error!! On the pattern..GREAT!!
Here is a picture.. It's not finished because I can't find my glue gun but can you see the error???

Anyway, That's my day so far and I am about to be late for choir practice so I had better go!

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