Friday, February 12, 2010

Look what we did today!!!

And yes.. For those of you who are wondering.. We do still live in Georgia :-D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We are starting to get excited here!!! In less than a week we will be in Florida.. Now if only the weather would cooperate... My sister Shelley will be there too. We are so excited and Karyss is counting down the days. So wonderful that she has a break from school while Mom and Dad are in Florida. I am looking sooo forward to it.. Now if I could just get myself motivated to clean house and pack!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New challenges

Today we took the poor boy for allergy tests. This grouping was for environmental allergies. He will have food allergy tests in one month. So now we have new challenges. My poor son is allergic to dogs, dust mites, Oak, birch , maple and hickory tree pollen, timothy grass, rogweed pollen and english plantain pollen as well as 5 kinds of mold. So my new challenge is killing mold and mildew. We don't have a lot of it in our home but of course to keep it out of here is the big trick and the dust mites... Lots of things to consider.. Poor baby was such a trooper with three groupings of needles to test him and then six additional on his arm.. It's probably really good there is a month before we have the next round.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Stages of change at our house.....

Our God certainly has a sense of humor. We are going through different stages at our house.. Of course, that is what happens when you have a young lady entering her tweens.......
And a little boy who is STILL potty training (This has not come easily for us!! UGH!)

So I could just sit and cry and wring my hands or I suppose I could actually seek God and ask HIM for help.. It has been a rough few months with Karyss.. We are struggling in many areas and the poor dear is just a mess at this point. I am very excited about a book I was able to find to help her through this time..
As for Riley, we are just being consistent and I think he is training me. I am tied to the clock and running to the potty to make sure we make it in time.. We are progressing.. Strange to have such a large gap and see what a difference it makes.... God knows best. It was His plan for them to be this far apart but.. I guess we just have to get through each stage
I am excited to see what lies ahead for my sweet children.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Riley's big week

Wow!! What a week it has been. Riley had outpatient surgery on Tuesday. He is fine now and recovering but I am so grateful for God's hand on him. Mommy was quite nervous.. It is at these times that I really need to take a moment and reflect on all God has done and how He continues to care for us..
Now on to Allergy skin tests on Monday. YAY :-(

Riley reading up on Anesthesia in the waiting room..

Just after the nurse gave him some versed to calm him during the procedure
Feeling the effects.. The sweet little lion was given to him by the nurse.. Isn't that sweet. He calls him "Lance a lion"