Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a quick hello

Today nothing special or unusual happened but I felt like I should post something seeing as it has been a little while. Kids are funny. I taught 7th grade two days earlier this week and there was one in there who was just a drama queen (you know you have someone you are picturing in your mind when you read that!). She was becoming annoyed with a boy in the class who really wasn't doing anything to her. She raised her hand and when I asked her what she needed she proceeded to tell me that "Matthew is making fun of me and bothering me and I wish you would do something about it".... While trying to decide whether to laugh or scream at her I am thinking "Did she just say that???" I couldn't believe her nerve to try to tell me what to do... It was too funny. I proceeded to tell her that if she would stop turning around to stare at him (which she was doing constantly.. I am surprised he wasn't teasing her for that!) she would have no idea what he was doing and furthermore it was not her place (little miss princess, I was thinking) to tell me what I should or should not do.. If you could have seen her face... It was all I could do not to laugh.. I found out at lunch that this is her way with everyone... she is a spoiled princess at home and expects it from everyone else as well... But it was just funny. I didn't have anymore trouble from her after that.
Kids are just funny...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

pictures through the house on Open house day

Karyss' Room... It actually was clean!!!
Our room
Karyss ' bathroom. You can't really see it but her name is on her towel
This is the painting Sara did based on the verses I told her about that I liked... It is at the entrance of our house
Down the hallway
Living room
Riley's room
There it is... our house on Open House Day. We had about 20 people show up to celebrate with us. it was a nice time. We are so thankful for our home and we desire to use it for God and hope we can keep that promise.
Now I am off to take a bubble bath.. I'm exhausted...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

up late and so thankful...

Crazy title right?? I'm up late tonight simply because I can't sleep. I think God is having me stay awake to pray for others (in particular the Brokering family who are going through a terrible impending loss as I type) and to count my blessings. Dan and I stayed up a little later tonight just talking about how life may have been different for us if we had taken one small step differently in our lives.. I am so thankful for a husband who loves God and who can encourage me. I know without the grace of God I could be alone now. God spared my Daniel just 3 short years ago and I know but for His grace I could be grieving.. I am so thankful for my husband. I am thankful that God allowed us to have our two children.. our daughter who is quickly becoming a teenager and our baby boy who is growing a little more each day. I am so unworthy of God's goodness to me. I need to spend so much more time thanking Him for what He has allowed me to have rather than complaining and being depressed that I don't always have what I want or am not always treated the way I would like to be. I am unworthy of all that I have. God has been gracious and merciful. I am so blessed.
My sweet friend Sara just made a painting for me ( Check out her blog to see it I had her use a verse on it that says "This is the Lord's doing... It is marvelous in our eyes" I am hanging it just inside my front door.. God is good to us all the time even when it doesn't make sense to us. He is good and He is just and He knows what He is doing. He does best for us.
I am thankful that God has allowed me to stay awake tonight to think on this. I am so rebuked and hope I can walk more worthily....

If you've read my ramblings this far you deserve a medal:-D
Blessings and prayers to you. I think maybe I might be able to rest now :-D

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the funnies in training.....

Yes, we are at that stage.. Riley is potty training. He did great yesterday. The first time I put him on he was still dry and he went potty almost right away.. I walked away for a second ( the phone rang or something.. I don't know but I didn't get a diaper on him right away).. All you experienced mommies out there know what's coming don't you.. yep. a few seconds later he comes walking to me all wet.. he had wet again and this time on my favorite chair... I guess I should be happy he knew to sit down.. right?? It was funny after and the look on his face was PRICELESS!!!
Anyway, that was our adventure so fare.. We are learning.. Had visitation today so no scheduled time to really train but tomorrow we are back at it.. hope you all are praying for us! Any advice???

Friday, October 3, 2008

God's plan for me

I spent some time this week counselling a young lady about allowing God to use her and seeking His plan for her life. This led me to some reflection about the way God has led in my own life. Could I ever have imagined being the "baby" of my family that I would be the one to move over 1000 miles away to go to college? Could I imagine that I would graduate and still move away from home to work or fall in love with an "American" and leave Canada and still be living so far away. The answer of course is NO! I know some of you have been through similar experiences but as I stressed to this girl, God knows what He is doing and His plan is the best plan even if it is not even close to what we would have dreamed for our life. I truly hope and pray that I had some impact . I continue to desire that God would use the lessons I have learned (and there have been many) to show Himself through my life.
And how are you today?