Friday, October 3, 2008

God's plan for me

I spent some time this week counselling a young lady about allowing God to use her and seeking His plan for her life. This led me to some reflection about the way God has led in my own life. Could I ever have imagined being the "baby" of my family that I would be the one to move over 1000 miles away to go to college? Could I imagine that I would graduate and still move away from home to work or fall in love with an "American" and leave Canada and still be living so far away. The answer of course is NO! I know some of you have been through similar experiences but as I stressed to this girl, God knows what He is doing and His plan is the best plan even if it is not even close to what we would have dreamed for our life. I truly hope and pray that I had some impact . I continue to desire that God would use the lessons I have learned (and there have been many) to show Himself through my life.
And how are you today?

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