Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guess who came to our house last night???

Yep, Santa came to our house!! A sweet dear man in our church dresses up for our kids and comes to our house and brings gifts. He did this last year as well. I think he looks great! and Riley didn't cry at him YAY! Karyss was so excited and the gifts he brought for them were very thoughtful.. snacks that Riley could have even with all of his allergies so that was wonderful!
Maybe I am finally going to get into the Christmas spirit now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at our house so far

Wow, it's been a long time between postings again. I guess this is likely to be my last posting for 2008 so I guess I should make it memorable huh?? The holidays are fast approaching (only 2 days left now.. hard to believe) and yet I am still not really in the holiday spirit.. It will just be our family alone on Christmas day this year and I am looking forward to the fun with the kids and all but still I can't quite get myself excited like I usually am. It has been a busy month since my last posting with Christmas parties and programs and a wonderful visit from my parents where we had Christmas with them since they can't be with us this year. My adorable Grandfather will be 91 in February and of course can't travel far so they always bring him to their house for Christmas so they can't be here with me and there with him which I understand. Dan's parents will be coming to visit us after Christmas and staying through the new year. His sister will be with them as well for part of that time. I think maybe I just need to see some snow.. Dan would have a fit if he saw this because he HATES snow but I would like just a few flurries of it to make it feel more Christmas-sy..
Anyway, I am hoping that 2009 is a great year for everyone who reads this and for our family and that in my life it is a year where I am drawn even closer to my Saviour who is the reason for everything.. May we
all celebrate Him all year and every year.

Enjoy the pics!

Riley with his working goggles.. Mom and dad bought him a work bench for Christmas. It is ADORABLE Home depot tools and all
Karyss and Riley in their Christmas card pose

Dad opening his present from us.. a tie with the kids' picture on it

Kids in their Christmas jammies from Nanny and Grampy..

Mom with her present from us... a plate with the kids' picture on it

Our tree

Princess Karyss all ready for her close up
My little boy.. growing so fast