Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another Change... God's mercies are new EVERY day.. Great is Thy Faithfulness

Well, It has been very very long since I have blogged.. WOW.. The changes in our lives and family over the last 3 1/2 years are numerous and we thank God for His continued faithfulness in our lives.  Without Him how lost we would be!
First off, we have a big change.. We no longer live in McAdam.. Our church in McAdam closed in October 2015. This was for sure a time of testing for all of us but God was faithful to us even in that time. We saw Him provide in so many unexpected ways are it was a great time of learning for our family. We were certainly not expecting 8 months of Dan being unemployed but we never went without anything and were blessed with special things.. 
God has brought us here:
 This is the view from our new home. We now live in Wood Point,New Brunswick and have a precious little church here.  We are so thankful..

Backing up a little our family has also had quite a bit of loss over the past year or so. In March of 2015 my precious Grandfather was finally reunited with my Grandmother in Heaven. We were so thankful for being close to him in recent years and our children being able to really get to know and love this precious man

6 Months later we were faced with the sudden loss of Dan's father.  It was not expected and so hard to say Goodbye for now ... 

As you can see from the above picture taken almost 2 years ago, our babies aren't babies anymore.   Karyss is a young lady now entering her final year of high school and tomorrow she will turn 17!!! In the picture below she is holding something VERY special. It is an award given to her as Manager of the year for her work with the Volleyball team.. They specifically pointed to her honesty and trustworthiness.. WOW!! What a beautiful testimony to hear about your child. We are so proud of her. 

 And Riley, my sweet baby boy... Not a baby any more... He is 9 years old now and entering grade 4. I do not know where the time has gone... 

 He is still my goofy little boy though as you can see!

It has been hard for my kids as we have moved from 3 years in the same place, at the same school. Both of them had really started to settle in and make friends

 So , where do we go from here? How do we TRUST again? How do we settle in to the new life God has given us??  I think the main thing we have learned through all of this is that we have to remember God's faithfulness to us.  Have there been hard times? YES!! Have we struggled? YES! Have we wanted to quit? YES!! Has God EVER left us? ...... NO! NEVER!  God has been there every step, in Every change, in every turn of our lives.. God has been there. These are the things we are rehearsing with our kids as often as we can. We are reminding them of God's goodness to us, HIS faithfulness to us and His great mercy to us when we doubt. 
As we "start over" again, we know that God has a great plan for us.  We are constantly learning. Constantly changing and growing . Our prayer is to be a testimony of HIS goodness to us.  and that our children and family can see that as we carry on serving HIM