Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

So, How was Christmas at your house?? Here are a few pictures of our happenings..
We began Christmas Eve with dinner out followed by a visit from our special Santa and then some family time with Daddy reading the Christmas story and singing some carols by the tree

Of course we were up early Christmas morning to open our presents. Riley got his first "bike" It's a smart cycle but the poor guy is so little we still have to help him pedal because his legs don't reach!

Karyss was thrilled with all her gifts and was excited to wake us up and get to opening them

I trust you all have had a blessed holiday today and taken time to remember the reason we celebrate! Blessings to you all from our family to yours!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Merry Christmas to us!

Hello everyone.. Just wanted to share our beautiful new floors courtesy of my mom and dad for Christmas.

Our floor before we put down the new floor. It was AWFUL to clean and just worn out!
The first tile is laid!!
Dining room complete!All finished!Don't ya just love it??? Dan did such a good job putting it down and I just can't stop looking at it!
Can't wait to read what you all think!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Ms Faye!!! This is for you!!!

Haha! I had to do it.. I know it has been ages since I have posted anything and I have to admit I really have missed this... I don't know if ANYONE is reading at all but I thought I would try again to get this together....

Have you ever just had weeks where you look back and reflect on your life?? I have found myself doing that a lot lately and reflecting on how God has taken care of us ... I have been rebuked for my lack of faith?? What is wrong with me that I spend more time worrying and less time relecting on how good God has been and how He has ALWAYS provided for us?? What about spending time really counting my blessings??
Here are a couple:

How blessed am I to have these beautiful smiling faces to see everyday??? Really, I know there are days....... Don't we all have those but my children are such a blessing to me! I am a lucky girl!
I am also a big time worrier! I would love to hear any encouraging things anyone has to share (verses etc..) that have helped you over come worry! Please comment and let me know you were here! I will try really hard to do better! I promise!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

hmmmm What to say??????

I realize I have been remiss in posting to my blog lately.. wow it has been such a long time.. I am trying to think of things to say and lately I have been without words.... I know for those of you that know me that is amazing.... Haha

Today we had a wonderful homecoming service at church.. It was great to see the Lord work and the way He did... I am praying for continued zeal among our people and to see God's hand continually.

This Tuesday marks a major day for our family. My mom and dad will celebrate 53 years of marriage which is a milestone for any marriage. They are such a blessing to me and their faithfulness is such an example... Dan's parents, on the SAME day celebrate 46 years of marriage. How blessed we are in a day when so many marriages are falling apart to have both of our parents remain so faithful and be such an example for us.. Are you still with me?? That is two major events on Tuesday, June 9th but I am NOT done.. Also on Tuesday, yes, the same day.. My Daniel will celebrate 39 years of life! Yes, his birthday is also the same day as both of our parent's anniversaries.. Hard to believe that isn't it??? I am soooo thankful that God brought him into my life.. As much as I fuss at him or complain, I know how lucky I am and I am thankful...
Wow, for not having much to say, I sure ended up saying a lot huh???? I keep saying I am going to be more faithful to this blog and I really mean to but all I can say is I will try :-D
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long time!

Wow, please let me apologize again for not posting in so long. Things are going well here just getting into that busy season for us.
The devotional went fine. Thank you so much to Kelley especially for your ideas and help. It was much needed and appreciated.
The kids are doing well. Karyss is winding up her fourth grade year and I cannot believe how much she has grown up this year.. Soon she will be 10 WOW!
As for Riley he is learning and changing daily;however, he REFUSES to potty train. Here's a funny or maybe not so funny story for you. Yesterday he was on the potty and I stepped away for a minute to check something in the kitchen. A few minutes later he came into the kitchen saying "peed mommy" . Sure enough he peed but not in the potty.. ON the carpet. UGH! I don't even know where to go from here. He just is not interested.. He's 27 months old now.. It's time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Dan is continuing to love doing what he is doing and he is really working hard to light a fire for God under these teens. He is deeply burdened for them
As for me, God is working on me a lot lately. How often in a day I fail!! I need His guidance over my mouth and over my actions. I am trying to be consistent and trying to follow His plan for me in every step.
In one week I will fly to New York to meet up with my mom and sisters for a weekend away. Now this may sound crazy but I am dreading it a little bit. I am excited to go with them but this is the first time I am leaving Riley and Karyss and I am a bit of a wreck about it. Do y'all think I am nuts???
Thanks for reading.> I am really going to try to do better with this

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Devotional help

So I am wondering if anyone out there has any advice for me.. OH PLEASE I hope so. Next Saturday, March 14th, I have to speak at our Ladies' Fellowship meeting. Those of you who know me know this is NOT something I enjoy doing... I get so nervous I almost ALWAYS cry. Anyway, this year our theme has been "Instruments of Righteousness" The last lady who spoke spoke on the tongue and the mouth and using it for God. I am considering speaking on the Eyes.. And how we can use our eyes to see the needs of others around us.. Does anyone have a poem, scripture or song to go along with this thought? Also any advice for a nervous, knees knockin' speaker?? I really hope I get some responses from this. HELP!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Does anyone out there ever have days where you just feel like you can't please anyone?? Today was that day for me and it isn't even 10 AM! A series of things happened, none of them bad but I felt the "pleaser" in me so torn I felt like I was going to break down.. I realize from this that this is an area I need to work on.. Pleasing God should be my main focus.. Beyond that as long as I am pleasing to Him, I should know I am doing the right thing. I am struggling in this area and I have for more than 30 years... I know this is having an effect on my children. I see my daughter already becoming a "pleaser" like me.. so I am learning and I am trying and I am praying that God will help me learn to be satisfied with what He gives me and not worry so much about what people think..
Thanks for letting me ramble on.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

This is NOT fun!!!! Potty training that is.. We are a week into it and so far it is not going well.. My baby boy, as adorable as he is , is STUBBORN!!! I am not sure what to do with him at this point because he is refusing to be trained.. Maybe I should stop and try again in a few weeks?? I don't know. I am already tired of wet pants and him going in his pants after sitting on the potty for a while.. UGH!
I'm sorry if this is too much information but I need help! HAHA you all already knew that didn't you??
It is not going well. We will keep at it but I am frustrated!

This week also marked the passing of two Godly men I know.. One being my Uncle Howard. He was a quiet, gentle man and even though I did not see him often, I will miss him greatly. Another, a man in our church who was suffering with Altzheimer's passed away yesterday.. His marriage was a beautiful story of devotion and love and as I watched how his wife cared for him, I was reminded of my grandfather's constrant devotion to my grandmother when she had Altzheimer's. It led me to a question and maybe I am wrong but I am wondering... do you think when we get to heaven we will be able to or even think to ask God the reason for any affliction we may have suffered on earth.. What was its purpose?? Things like Altzheimer's and Cancer that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to those that are affected?? I know in Heaven we will not care but I wonder if we will ask or be told the purpose ?? What do you think??? I'd love to hear any imput on that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new year and I am exhausted already :-D

Wow!! Can you believe it is a new year?? When I think back on all God has done for us in 2008 I cannot imagine what He has in store for us in 2009.. I am so thankful to Him for everything He brought us through last year. WOW! A lot of changes.
This year is starting off to be a busy one. I just finished a week of subbing at Karyss' school. It was actually really fun but HATS OFF to all you working Mamas out there. I don't know how you keep up with everything! WOW! I am awed by you. By last night, I was DRAINED and EXHAUSTED.. Mentally more than physically. I guess when you go from talking to a two year old all day to being out with adults and teaching 10 year olds... it is a drain on the brain.. HAHA!
In just a few short days my parents will be here to visit on their way to Florida for 2 months. It's nice that we are actually on their way to Florida and they don't have to make a side trip to come see us. I always worry about them driving the long distance but I know that God is in control of all things and I try very hard to leave it with HIM.
The kids are doing great. Riley is not getting any taller really but he is gaining a little weight. He is just going to be a little guy and that's okay. He is saying a lot of words now and when I read he says letter names. Not always the right ones but at least he is associating ..
Karyss is still loving her school and I am so thankful for that. She is doing very well with all A's except penmanship but that is gradually improving so maybe we will get there eventually. I love her school and her teacher is quickly becoming a special friend. That's always a nice thing to have.
Dan is still enjoying his ministry here and we have seen some growth and potential in our youth group lately. YAY!
Well, this is starting to sound more like a Christmas letter than a blog post but I thought it was time to catch up with everyone.
I will try to keep the blog more updated this year. That is a goal but whether or not I will hold to it, who knows ??