Sunday, June 7, 2009

hmmmm What to say??????

I realize I have been remiss in posting to my blog lately.. wow it has been such a long time.. I am trying to think of things to say and lately I have been without words.... I know for those of you that know me that is amazing.... Haha

Today we had a wonderful homecoming service at church.. It was great to see the Lord work and the way He did... I am praying for continued zeal among our people and to see God's hand continually.

This Tuesday marks a major day for our family. My mom and dad will celebrate 53 years of marriage which is a milestone for any marriage. They are such a blessing to me and their faithfulness is such an example... Dan's parents, on the SAME day celebrate 46 years of marriage. How blessed we are in a day when so many marriages are falling apart to have both of our parents remain so faithful and be such an example for us.. Are you still with me?? That is two major events on Tuesday, June 9th but I am NOT done.. Also on Tuesday, yes, the same day.. My Daniel will celebrate 39 years of life! Yes, his birthday is also the same day as both of our parent's anniversaries.. Hard to believe that isn't it??? I am soooo thankful that God brought him into my life.. As much as I fuss at him or complain, I know how lucky I am and I am thankful...
Wow, for not having much to say, I sure ended up saying a lot huh???? I keep saying I am going to be more faithful to this blog and I really mean to but all I can say is I will try :-D
Thanks for reading!

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