Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a quick hello

Today nothing special or unusual happened but I felt like I should post something seeing as it has been a little while. Kids are funny. I taught 7th grade two days earlier this week and there was one in there who was just a drama queen (you know you have someone you are picturing in your mind when you read that!). She was becoming annoyed with a boy in the class who really wasn't doing anything to her. She raised her hand and when I asked her what she needed she proceeded to tell me that "Matthew is making fun of me and bothering me and I wish you would do something about it".... While trying to decide whether to laugh or scream at her I am thinking "Did she just say that???" I couldn't believe her nerve to try to tell me what to do... It was too funny. I proceeded to tell her that if she would stop turning around to stare at him (which she was doing constantly.. I am surprised he wasn't teasing her for that!) she would have no idea what he was doing and furthermore it was not her place (little miss princess, I was thinking) to tell me what I should or should not do.. If you could have seen her face... It was all I could do not to laugh.. I found out at lunch that this is her way with everyone... she is a spoiled princess at home and expects it from everyone else as well... But it was just funny. I didn't have anymore trouble from her after that.
Kids are just funny...

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Ann said...

Drama Queen?? I don't understand that concept at ALL.......:-)