Friday, April 25, 2008


Hi Everyone
Just counting my blessings today:

1. Thankful for God always being there for me and forgiving me when I mess up (OFTEN!)
2. Thankful for my family who loves me even when I am crabby
3. Thankful for health for me and my family ... I have been thinking of this a lot lately .How blessed am I to be here and have my family be healthy ! I think of this young girl, Meredith Rankin and her young husband and even though I did not know either of them, I am captivated by their story and blessed by their testimony.
4. Thankful for the privilege of prayer. How lucky am I that I can go to my Father, a KING and bring my requests to Him.
5. Thankful for God's word. So many do not have this.. How unworthy am I?
6 Thankful for God's direction and working in my life.. Where would I be without His correction
7. Thankful for friends to encourage and help me to grow
8. Thankful for my husband. I know he is covered under friends and family but I am extra- thankful for him too :-D
9. Thankful for God giving us some of our wants along with providing our needs :-D
10. Thankful for each new day and anyone out there who actually takes time to read this and check on me and my little family!


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Jen said...

Just had to thank you for those thoughts. I am going to sit down and write a thankful list tonight. What a blessing!