Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching up

With Laundry and bill paying today..

This is a busy week for us.
Ladies Fellowship tonight,
Visitation tomorrow
Church Wednesday
Nursing Home service Thursday
Something to prepare for the banquet on Friday
Young Adults activity on Saturday
Church on Sunday

So, I am trying to get most of the household stuff done today! Can you say PILES of laundry!! I don't know why we wore so many clothes this weekend but here is my basket...

And the clutter in my living room!!!

Not to mention I need to start packing for our (eventual) move.. It is crazy lately.. We are still waiting on an answer. We have been trying to buy this house since FEBRUARY!!! CRAZY!

Here is a picture of that too :-D

So I am sure you are all thinking "GET OFF THE COMPUTER".
Absolutely right! I need to get at it. Hope you all have a Happy Monday!!

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