Friday, April 18, 2008


Hey, I survived the week! YAY!
Many happenings this week, including our car deciding to be sick but we are on the way to fixing it now, after a lot of $$$$$. But God knows and He cares and I am so thankful!!!
On another bright note, I have noticed the last several days that Riley's face is clearing up! YAY! Now if I could just get him to stop scratching his knees, ankles, elbows so that they could clear.. Anyone have any suggestions. I have tried the scratch mittens but they are a joke to him...
Banquet plans are finally almost together. I have the program put together, I just need to print it out and the 85 bees are finally made .YAY!
That's it for me for now, Hoping you are all having a blessed day!

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Heavenbound Kim said...

I would ask a Dr first but vasoline on an itch my help. Then he can't mark up his skin so much... :s But ask the Dr first! ♥ Kim;D x's