Sunday, April 20, 2008

Praying for others

I have been reading a caring bridge journal lately of a young woman who is battling cancer. I found her through a facebook friend. She was diagnosed with cancer less than a month before her wedding in 2005.. She is only 25 now and her husband is 23.. They lived in Greenville, SC when they were first married and he was still in school at BJU.. Now they live in Indiana and hospice has been called for her final days... Her attitude and that of her family has been such a blessing to me. It has made me look at my problems and realize how small and inisgnificant they are. I am writing this to ask all of you to lift up Meredith in prayer. If you want to visit her site, this is the link I am deeply burdened for her at this point and for her family but they are all trusting in the Lord.. What a testimony!

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Heavenbound Kim said...

I just read up on Meredeth ~ that must be very difficult for her and her parents. I'm gonna be praying for her. Certainly makes us thankful for our healthy children, eh? ♥ Kim;D