Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Okay, I am determined to stick to it

THIS TIME I PROMISE to be more faithful to this.

Hmmmmm How can I update you on what is going on with us?? We are still waiting to close on our first house. VERY exciting but the delays are driving us crazy. At least we have had some time to put money aside to pay the mortgage..

Riley is growing like a weed and now that he has finally been diagnosed with all his allergies, we can help him heal from his rashes and take better care. I feel so badly that it took so long to get this taken care of but at least he is on the road to recovery and.... HE IS WALKING!!!! I will try to add pictures soon so you can see him!!!

Karyss is this week taking her SATs at school and so this has already been a long week for her. She is growing taller I think by the day!!!
As for us, my Reverend husband is doing well and as always, loving his work here in Georgia. I am loving life at home taking care of things here, working at church often and watching my baby boy grow up in the day and helping my daughter with homework and piano at night.

Thanks if you are actually reading this!!

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