Friday, March 30, 2007

Quiet day

Hi all. Just a quiet day here at the house of Basham. We are sitting just listening to a Mac & Beth Lynch CD while waiting for dinner to cook (Cheesy Shell Lasagna... DELICIOUS). Karyss and I played some games today and mostly just hung out together for her last day of Spring break. I took on the horrible task of cleaning out the computer hutch and right now I must say it looks wonderful. The worst part about our computer is that it is in the living room so anyone coming in to our house can see the clutter... Not now.. It is DE-Cluttered. What a nice feeling. I can sit down and pay bills ( with all the stress that goes with that) and not be stressed by the clutter. Does anyone out there watch "Clean House" on the Style network??? I don't know how some of those people live.. I think there might be a slight exaggeration before the designers get there.
Anyway, just wanted to check in with everyone about our quiet day.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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