Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I miss you Nanny B!

I have been spending a lot of time today thinking about my Grandmother.  She has been such an influence on my life and even though in less than two weeks it will be 8 years since she passed away (March 25, 2005),I will never forget the time she spent with me and the lessons I learned from her. 
  She was precious and patient and she gave so much to others. When my mom was young and my grandfather had to go fight in the war leaving my grandmother with two small children, she did all she could to support her family. She ran a store out of the front of her home and after she passed away we heard stories from people who came into the store as children and she would just give them food for their lunches... never expecting money in return. She was wonderful with children and would have done anything for any child. She ALWAYS played with us when we were kids. ALWAYS.. After we ate .. And it was ALWAYS DELICIOUS and homemade.. no mixes for her!... she would gather the kids and we would play games.. It was such a precious time. When she would visit us she would always go out on walks with us. I really enjoyed the time she took with me and how she patiently would listen to my "drama".. I am sure the things I was worried about were really ridiculous and inconsiquential but she was so patient with me and gave me such wonderful advice. 
I miss her so much now. There are so many things I wish I could ask her and so much wisdom I wish I could seek from her.. I am glad for the days I had with her before Altzheimer's stole her away from me. I know someday in Heaven I will see her and be able to ask my questions and just spend time with her but I wish I had valued the time more when she was here with me.


TenorMiller said...

She was a special Lady for sure :)

TenorMiller said...

She was a special Lady :)

mom said...

We all loved her, especally me, the oldest daughter. Loved your comments dear. Wish we couldhave her back, but know she is free from alzheimers and enjoying being in the presence of the Lord and the beauties of Heaven.Mom