Thursday, April 26, 2007

Long time no Blog!

Hi Everyone. Did you think I fell off the earth?? It has been really busy around here with church and activities and all.. guess we're just gearing up for summer.... I took up the task this week of clearing out Karyss' toybox! There were things in there from YEARS ago!! I couldn't believe the amount of junk she had stuffed in that thing.. Which led me to ask.. Do any of you have any good ideas for helping kids stay organized?? I was terrible at it as a child myself and I am not all that great at it now but Karyss is really struggling. Her room is small and it is so hard for her to keep it clean. Any suggestions???


Anonymous said...

I expect that Karyss is like her Aunt Toad and hates to get rid if things. My suggestion is for every new thing in, an old thing goes out to goodwill or whatever.

Schoonover Family said...

Another option is to store about 80% of her toys in boxes in the garage or something, and then rotate them from time to time. That way it will feel like "new toys" to her.

Also, I do agree anonymous, sometimes you just have to be willing to purge what you have.