Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Appreciating the "little things"

The very recent events in Virginia have made an impact on me. I remember when Columbine happened, I was home sick from teaching school, pregnant with Karyss.. I remember thinking how horrible it would be to be a parent of one of those students there. Now that I am a parent and have my two precious children, my heart breaks for those families, wives, friends, children, and especially moms and dads of those who were mercilessly killed in Virginia... It has made me appreciate the little things in my life so much more... especially the little things named Karyss and Riley and the slightly larger thing named Dan and my parents, and my sisters, and my friends.... It gives me pause to thank God for what he has given. I know there are days I grumble and complain about things in my life but God has given me so much and I am so blessed. This tragedy has caused me to pause and appreciate what I do have and I am truly thankful.
Hug your children a little tighter today . I know I will and also pray for those families and that this may cause some to look to God for strength and turn to Him for help and salvation

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Jen said...

Definitely!!! Good thoughts!