Thursday, February 15, 2007

Going away

Hi everyone
We leave tomorrow morning for Riley's first big trip. My parents rent a condo every year in Madeira Beach, Florida. They are there now and invited us to come down. My sisters who haven't met Riley will be there too and I am soooo excited! Anyway, I will be away from the computer so won't be blogging until we come back in a week. I will fill you all in on our wonderful vacation when I get back!


Heavenbound Kim said...

Oh, have lots of fun, Jenn! We'll pray for safety for y'all as you travel. And you can tell everyone else, I've been praying for them since earlier this week... Kim;D oX

Jen said...

Jenn, I've enjoyed catching up on your blog today! I hope you all have a great time in FL with family!

2Icecubed said...

Hi, Jen!! It's Michelle (Anderson) Ice from MBBC. I found your blog through Ruth's blog. It is fun to get caught up with people again! Your children are beautiful! Our blog is