Monday, February 5, 2007

Back to fitness and Valentine's ideas?

Hi all

Well, the "fun " is over and I have to get back to getting in shape after having Riley.The picture on the right is me at about 8 months pregnant.. I need to lose that weight :-D I have lost some but more by fluke than because I have been working at it. I have started back with my walking DVDs. I love Leslie Sansone and Walk the Walk! It is so easy and fun to do at home without having to get all ready to go outside to walk. Of course, when it warms up I will be taking Riley for walks outside and I know he will love that. I did my mile this morning and I feel pretty good. Riley was watching me like I was a lunatic . CUTE!

I can't belive how Valentine's Day has crept up on me this year.. Anyone doing anything really creative and special?? I would love to do something special this year even though we won't be going out alone with Riley being so small still. Any ideas or thoughts???

Sara has posted her story of meeting her husband Dave and their dating. I think it is such a cute idea I may just borrow it and tell you our story over the next week or so. Have a great Monday everyone!


Ann said...

Oh, I'm going to do something SPECTACULAR for Valentine's Day. You won't even believe how wonderful it's going to be....I'd tell you but, I don't want to upset you. (Insert sarcastic laughter here....)

Heavenbound Kim said...

I'd love to hear how you and Dan met ~ pls do tell! Kim;D

Sara said...

yes, I'm sure we would all like to know how you and Dan got together.

About your comment to me about your kids looking like Dan- I actually think that Riley looks just like you!!!