Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Riley at one month and prayer request

Hi Everyone. We took Riley for his one month appointment and He is GROWING!! He is almot 9 pounds now! 8 lbs, 14 ounces to be exact and 21 inches long. I am so proud of the way he is growing and changing!! Today is the first day of a 4 hour schedule. Tonight will be the worst. Please pray that he tolerates it well. He has done fine on it today so far. Pray that Karyss is able to sleep if he needs to cry it out a little bit . Also, if everyone could please pray for my husband. When we moved here a year and a half ago Dan was hospitalized with a blood clot in his bowel which caused him to have to have an emergency bowel resection surgery. It was a scary time and quite honestly we almost lost him. He was also diagnosed as a diabetic at that time. He receovered wonderfully and had his energy back which had been lacking for quite a while. He felt so much better. Now he is tired ALL the time and has no energy. He is currently sick with flu-like symptoms and his blood sugars are plummeting ( last night his reading was 40.. those of you who know about diabetes will know that is terribly low). He is going to the doctor on Friday. Please pray that he is able to get help and be back to himself. I am terribly worried. Thank you!

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