Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still thinking

So after my extensive blog about how God has taken care of us, I am still thinking about that very topic... Why do I spend or waste so much time worrying about things that may and usually do not ever happen??? I am really trying to put into practice " Be STILL and Know that I am God....." Psalm 46:10. How many times have I actually sat and listened for God's leading in the midst of my panic and worry over silly little things??? How many times have I been STILL??? This is something I need to work on....
We are in the middle of some trying times in our life in case you hadn't guessed that already.. I need to be listening for HIS voice and HIS call and I know I can't hear it if I am too busy trying to "fix things" on my own... God is still near.. He is just waiting for me...
What a journey we have had through the years and yet God has been by our side every step.. I know that. I just need to listen for His voice and be prepared for whatever answer he may give.
Help me Lord!

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