Saturday, May 1, 2010

A quiet day of prayer and reflection

Dan will just love that I found these photos to post but it is kind of neat that they are sooo similar in pose and location.. Can you tell which baby is Riley and which one is Karyss???
Today we are just having a quiet day.. It is overcast outside and inside we are just having a calm day. We plan to go to the library later but for now Daddy is at a Men's prayer breakfast and we three are here together . The quiet of this morning is giving me pause to reflect on the past years of my life in ministry and as the wife of Dan and mother of Karyss and more recently, Riley... So many things have happened and I am trying to remind myself that God has always been and will continue to be in control. At this time we are facing an uncertain future and my tendency is to worry and fret but I am trying to remind myself of God's constant overseeing of our lives and that His plan is best rather than try to stick my hands in and stir things up myself... That is so hard for me... I want to "Show God" what to do.. Isn't that ridiculous????
For now, I am enjoying the calm quiet and my children as they play...

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