Friday, April 23, 2010

What Have I gotten myself into???

*** UPDATE**** Well, I made a complete fool of myself and cried during the poem.. UGH!! What a disaster.. But the luncheon was nice

I had to include this picture of Karis and Karyss as the poem I am referencing below is about little girls .. Please read on.

Well now I have really done it :-D

I have volunteered myself to read a poem at our Mother Daughter Luncheon tomorrow.. I have been trying to prepare myself but those of you who know me know that public speaking is NOT my thing and I am more likely to cry than anything else.. Of course the poem is also a very emotional one... See what you think

Tea for Three
Come sit with me and we'll have tea
And talk of things that were and things that are to be
Of places we will go and things we will see
Just the two of us, my dear daughter and me
A little wooden table
With chairs for two, not three
Yes, of course you may bring your bear
and place him on your knee
No longer just the two of us
It's tea for three I see
My dear daughter, the bedraggled bear and me
The years passed be and you grew up
Framed in memory I still see
Cherub hands, dimpled daintily, clutching ivory cup of tea
Twinkle laughter owns the moment
Baby faced and full of glee
Starshine dusted by the angels
Oh, God's gracious gift to me!
If I live to be a hundred
I shall never richer be
Than when I shared your dazzling presence
And together we sipped tea
My dear daughter, the bedraggled bear and Me!
Lee Scott C 1998
Hope you all will be praying for me tomorrow as I attempt to get myself through it!!
Let me know what you think of the poem

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fazzey said...

You did a great job!!! Love you