Tuesday, August 28, 2007

pictures from the summer

Karyss and Riley are so cute together!!!
Karyss got a new haircut and she loves it!!!
My adorable Riley!!
Riley and Seth in nursery
Dan thinks this outfit is girly but I LOVE it

We loved our time at the cabin in Tennessee
Riley loves church nursery

Karyss LOVED her birthday party in Canada...
My parents, sisters and my kids

My grandfather will be 90 in February... So great for him to spend time with us and my kids!
My cousin's baby, Rylan is 3 months younger than Riley!

Karyss already loves my cousin Derrick and Riley really enjoyed him too!!!


Heavenbound Kim said...

Very nice, Jenn ~ the facebook thingy may grow old so hey, can't forget your bloggin' buddies... Kim;D oX"s
PS ~ I like bloggin' much more than facebook!

Jen said...

Very cute pics...Karyss looks cute in her haircut, and Riley is growing so fast!

Sara Mincy said...

Nice pictures! I like that little outfit on Riley!

Malissa said...

That outfit is adorable;)
He looks like your husband:)

I went to college with Dan and I found you through Jen's blog.

Your children are sweet.

Heavenbound Kim said...

facebook must have taken over completely ~ let's get back at it, Jenn. We have been fooled ~ the facebook thingy is not as personal/lasting as blogging ever has been... I jsut went thru and got caught up on 3 bloggin' buddies and have never had sooo many laughs.

Let's make a commitment to do at least one a week? C'mon! Kim;D oX's