Thursday, June 7, 2007

A long time absent

Sorry I have done it again.. gone a while without writing. This week we are deep in the preparations for Camp. We leave on Monday to go to the Wilds in North Carolina. Having never been there, I am really looking forward to it. This will also be Karyss' first time at camp. She is at Junior camp while we are at Teen camp. I am nervous for her and am trying to prepare her to be a "big girl" while she is there.. Is it just me or do kids just grow up WAYYYYY too fast.?? I am looking at her and seeing how tall and grown up she is with her little pre-teen face.. I can't believe how much she is changing.
Riley is growing too so much that I can't stand it. We were finally able to find something to clear up his eczema. It looked so painful. I know he is feeling much better now.
My Daniel's birthday is Saturday so I am also in the middle of packing and preparing, trying to figure out a way to make his day extra special. Anyone out there have some ideas??

As I said we will be gone all next week but I promise to blog when we get back all about our wonderful time at camp


Heavenbound Kim said...

Please don't forget your camera ~ we want to see all the pics of camp friends new and old that y'all make... Kim;D oX's

Jen said...

Enjoy camp...I love the Wilds, especially as a sponsor. I'm sure Karyss will enjoy it too!!! Happy Birthday, Dan!!!