Friday, June 22, 2007


Hi All!! I promised I would blog about camp so here it is!! Camp was FABULOUS!!! I had never been "camping" at a place where sponsors stayed in a hotel like accomodation and were treated so well. We really were. The messages by Tom Farrell were fantastic and challenging to both us and to our teens. It was great. Meals were rushed ( I think we had 15 minutes to get in and out) but overall it was WONDERFUL!!! Karyss has a BLAST. She had so much fun and Rileywas such a trouper. I am so proud of how well he behaved. Here are some pictures of camp:
The auditorium where we met for chapel. There were over 700 teens at camp.
One of our teens making a silly face (center)
It amazed me how they were able to get all those "too cool" teens to play these games and really participate even when they looked silly :-D

This is not a clear picture.. This is less than half of the stairs from the main area of the camp to where chapels and many games were held.. UGH!!! Noone told me I should have joined a gym a month before I went to camp:-D
Riley did so well but he was not always thrilled to rise and shine in the mornings :-D
Karyss had such a great time. She LOVED her counsellor, Becca. She had fun!!!!!! YAY!!!!!


Amy said...

Oh wow! It looks like you guys had a blast! It's a beautiful place! I'm so glad that Karyss had fun and that Riley did well for you!

Jen said...

Uh, yeah, I coulda told you about the steps...hee hee! :-) When we took Abby with us one year, we used the van to go back and forth. She was 9 mo. old, and there was no way I could have carried her up and down. I LOVE going to the WILDS as's one of the greatest weeks of the year! Glad you had a good time!