Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holidays at our house...

Hello Everyone.

Just wanted to take some time to post some pictures from our holidays together.. We were so blessed to have Dan's parents and mine here for Riley's Birthday through New Year's.. It was so special for us to build these memories together as we live so far apart.

Dan and Karyss on Christmas Eve

Me and my boy on Christmas Eve

Everyone on New Year's eve.. I could have taken a happier picture maybe ???

Karyss and her best bud Karis with their matching sweaters.. Riley in the background

Grampie playing with Riley

Riley's Birthday.. Lori made the decorations, Nanny made the icing and I made the cake (It was rice Krispies since Riley is allergic to cake)

Karyss showing her presents to Grandma, Aunt Lynn and Grandpa

Karyss with her doll she saved her own money to buy.. American Girl Emily

Another shot of Riley's birthday cake
And that was our holiday :-D

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